Reflections on a Rainy Morning

Carol A. Hand

We’re approaching summer solstice. At least here in the northern hemisphere, daylight hours will begin diminishing as they increase in the southern hemisphere – the yin and yang, give and take, of life on this planet we share. Time is so short, yet I wonder how many years I have missed spending time with a child – helping her learn how to plant flowers, listening to her read out loud, and watching her delight in the beauty of life.


Photo: My Daughter and Me – Duluth – June 12, 2015

I’m grateful that life has given me the opportunity to experience these wonders once again.


Photo: My Granddaughter and Me – June 12, 2015

This morning, I’m reminded of something Jiddu Krishnamurti said.

You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems and suffer and understand, for all that is life.

I’ve learned that to learn, raise children and plant gardens, you need to be prepared to work hard with no guarantees. The task of caring lovingly for others and one’s surroundings is a sacred responsibility without any certainty of personal rewards. It is living with love that matters. The miracles of life show themselves in their own time, in their own ways, if we’re patient and attentive.


Photo: My Granddaughter and Me – June 12, 2015

May your solstice and life be blessed with opportunities to express love and experience miracles.

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About Carol A. Hand

What matters are not the titles I’ve held or university degrees I earned or the size of a house or bank account. It’s really what I’ve learned from ordinary people like me whom I’ve met along the way. They taught me to live with gratitude and give thanks for each new day.
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23 Responses to Reflections on a Rainy Morning

  1. smilecalm says:

    thanks for sharing your mothering love
    with children of the world 🙂

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  2. Jeff Nguyen says:

    I love how green your home looks, Carol. I have often thought of how we miss so many things in life because we’re all so busy making a living. Your family is fortunate to be partakers of your wisdom and compassion for others.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. hsampson says:

    Thank youi! beautiful words and my best wishes for you as well. Happy Solstice!

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  4. Loved the post, Carol. You have a beautiful daughter and granddaughter. And I always love seeing my bloggers faces. Enjoy your summer. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

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  5. susanissima says:

    Carol, you are such a loving being, mama, grandmama, writer. I thank you for sharing your inspiring reflections. Namaste.

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  6. schuttzie says:

    Thank you for this, dear Carol. “The task of caring lovingly for others and one’s surroundings is a sacred responsibility without any certainty of personal rewards.” A wonderful reminder and I love the quote from Jiddu Krishnamurti. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and many blessings! Barbara

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  7. themofman says:

    Thank you, Carol.

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  8. mandy says:

    Beautiful reflections and photos, Carol. ❤


  9. Lovely reminder of what’s important and valuable. Thank you for sharing photos of your dearest ones and the Krishnamurti quote.

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  10. May your blessings continue through these beautiful summer days.

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  11. Globalresidence says:

    Dear Carol, many thanks for sharing this! Love love this! 😃😄

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