Reflections – Monday, August 15, 2016

Carol A. Hand

Cricket song signals autumn is near


as do the flocks of starlings feeding here

garden 1

garden 2

Garden 3

garden 4

garden 5

Gardens to harvest, lessons to prepare
Moments to write are becoming rare

Manuscript editing postponed a third of the way through
as I return to teaching research – something I still love to do
My transition requires solitude and time for reflections

draw handstand 3

Bureaucratic rules and schedules allow few exceptions
making it a creative venture to weave critical thinking throughout
to inspire students to thoughtfully question what life is all about

social work paradigms 3

Grateful for another opportunity to learn and to share,
and encourage thought and innovation by those who care…


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About Carol A. Hand

What matters are not the titles I’ve held or university degrees I earned or the size of a house or bank account. It’s really what I’ve learned from ordinary people like me whom I’ve met along the way. They taught me to live with gratitude and give thanks for each new day.
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16 Responses to Reflections – Monday, August 15, 2016

  1. Debra says:

    Congratulations on your lovely abundant gardens! wow.

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  2. I’m glad you’re getting to do what you like. And, what a lovely garden you have.

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  3. sojourner says:

    I hope autumn is near. This has been a horrible summer with this excessive heat and humidity.

    I remember the same sensation about teaching. Teaching was not a job to me, it was another vital part of my life, and I loved it dearly!

    Again, Carol, your students will soon find out how lucky they are to have you as their teacher!

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  4. thejuicenut says:

    Oh no, not yet, summer has only just arrived in the UK (well, the north anyway)! 😎

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    • I hope you do have some summer left. 🙂

      Our weather here in Minnesota is so unpredictable. There were frost advisories still in June, yet surprisingly, some plants were ready to harvest a few weeks ago. I’ve been learning to watch insects and animals for clues about what’s coming next…

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      • thejuicenut says:

        I’ve been trying to ignore them but, yes, there are signs – like dew on the grass in the morning and the evenings growing dark earlier, the apples falling from the tree, but for now I am enjoying our first full week of sun – and no rain! – and making the most of it! Shorts on, legs out 😎

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  5. Wow. Love your photos and your gardens! Thanks for taking time to share your life and words, Carol. 🙂 ❤

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  6. underswansea says:

    Lovely gardens Carol! Looks like you are getting your share of beans. Take care. Bob

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    • Thank you, Bob. Yes, I have another batch waiting to be processed tonight! Their aroma as I cook them in the cold of winter always reminds me of warm summer days. Your gardens are lovely and bountiful, too! ❤


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