Reflections – The Master’s Tools

Carol A. Hand

Learn the master’s tools well
But don’t let them blind you to beauty
Don’t let them silence your song
Don’t let them harden your heart
Don’t let them deaden your dreams
Don’t let them white-wash your wisdom
Don’t let them extinguish your hope for the world that could be
Use them wisely with vision and love to sing a new world into being


climatis flowers


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16 thoughts on “Reflections – The Master’s Tools”

  1. I hope you will always continue to “sing a new world into being.” I wish I had had this poem around when I was teaching. I once had a little guy say, “Writing is a white man’s trick.” And of course he was heart breaking-ly right to say so.

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    1. Thank you for your kinds works, Debra, and for sharing this story. I’ve begun preparing for a class I’ll be teaching in a few weeks. It’s a class students dread – research – and these words came to me. It’s a subject that provides us with neutral tools that can be used to liberate or oppress. But we need to take charge of the tools through mastery, heart, and critical thinking.


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