Interstices – The Potent Space between Intentions and Outcomes

Carol A. Hand

When a seed, bulb or idea is planted

deep beneath the surface, unseen

it’s not easy to predict if it will ever blossom

Care and patience are essential

but they’re not always enough


Hopefully – a Hyacinth…


Engaging in the process of creating possibilities

through one’s everyday thoughts and actions

is a celebratory act of great courage

especially in times of darkness and repression


Kale and Broccoli Babies


Positive changes won’t happen

If no one is willing to risk the uncertainty of failure

and practice the patience and tenacity of stewardship

in the interstices between







I’m grateful for the left-over seeds and bulbs from last year that have germinated so far, for the friends who gave me encouraging feedback on Part I of my edited book manuscript, and for the students in yesterday’s class who had tears in their eyes and applauded when I read a difficult passage I was struggling with from Part II.



About Carol A. Hand

What matters are not the titles I’ve held or university degrees I earned or the size of a house or bank account. It’s really what I’ve learned from ordinary people like me whom I’ve met along the way. They taught me to live with gratitude and give thanks for each new day.
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21 Responses to Interstices – The Potent Space between Intentions and Outcomes

  1. Inspiring post, Carol. ALL of it. Thank you. ❤

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  2. I am always reminded, Carol, of Tolkien’s Aragorn, who saw his task to be one of stewarding what might be saved. A hard task, one you know well.

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  3. tubularsock says:

    Every moment is a new beginning and seeds never have gone to school. As your book develops leaves do form …….. continue to rake them.

    Tubularsock wishes you much success with your daunting task.

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  4. smilecalm says:

    joyfully together,
    the people united
    will sometimes win
    and sometimes lose!
    but they will be
    joyfully together 🙂

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  5. kethuprofumo says:

    How inspiring, dear Carol! Who doesn’t take a risk, doesn’t drink champagne! 🙂

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  6. This reminds me! I need to get my tomato seeds planted! (Leftover from last year too!)

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  7. Beautifully inspirational.

    Thank you.

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  8. “Positive changes won’t happen / If no one is willing to risk the uncertainty of failure / and practice the patience and tenacity of stewardship…”
    ~ Thanks for that powerful insight, Carol. Enjoy your garden 🙂

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    • Dear Rosaliene, thank you for your lovely comments. I admit that it will be hard waiting for the time when outside gardening is possible here. But the plants growing inside are a powerful reminder of the resilience of life even under less than ideal conditions. ❤

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  9. Wow, what an outstanding post dear Carol!!! Love, hugs, and blessings, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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