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Reflections at the End of May

Carol A. Hand Gratitude at the close of May My spirit will breathe easier because you decided to bloom today despite the gray skies that came our way ***   ***

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Learning and Celebratory Joy

Carol A. Hand In the bleakest of times with the most mundane tasks transformation is possible It’s what life sometimes asks us to do *** *** Holding focus on celebratory joy opens up sacred heart spaces where deeper lessons are … Continue reading

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Celebrating Possibilities

Carol A. Hand Who would believe it’s possible to witness lives transformed in the span of a mere 2 years by working together on a vision of what could be? Skills, knowledge and lasting bonds are built when everyone shows … Continue reading

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Morning Reflections on an Ordinary Day

Carol A. Hand Gazing out the kitchen window Washing dishes one by one cloaked in golden light a glorious gift from the morning sun Thinking of my lovely daughter Grateful *** ***

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Interstices – The Potent Space between Intentions and Outcomes

Carol A. Hand When a seed, bulb or idea is planted deep beneath the surface, unseen it’s not easy to predict if it will ever blossom Care and patience are essential but they’re not always enough *** *** Engaging in … Continue reading

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Signs of These Times

Carol A. Hand Do you ever experience times when all of the signs seem to converge? I’m recovering from being quite ill. Tomorrow, my blog will officially be three years old, and in nine days, I will officially turn seventy. … Continue reading

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Simple Gifts

Carol A. Hand When my beloved dog Cookie died, my heart was broken. We had weathered many challenges during our eleven years together. She survived many moves from her prairie home – to the northwoods, Rocky Mountains, and different Great … Continue reading

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Greeting the Dawn

Carol A. Hand *** The magic of morning dawning cold and clear peaceful reflections and deep gratitude for life’s priceless blessings here Sending a silent prayer for peaceful mornings everywhere ***

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Gratitude – Chi Miigwetch, Dear Friend

Carol A. Hand A gift of bigger yak trax and pecans Gleaned from Birmingham streets Kindness of a beloved friend Warms a winter heart with thoughtful treats *** *** Bringing back memories of treasured times past Shared laughter and tears … Continue reading

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Revisiting “Reflections on River Teeth”

Carol A. Hand This past week, my granddaughter was on vacation from school. She stayed with me while her mother worked, creating an impressive collection of artwork. Once again, I was reminded of kinder times and a neighbor whose gift … Continue reading

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