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Celebrating Possibilities

Carol A. Hand Who would believe it’s possible to witness lives transformed in the span of a mere 2 years by working together on a vision of what could be? Skills, knowledge and lasting bonds are built when everyone shows … Continue reading

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“Integrity vs. Despair”

Carol A. Hand The mean(ingless)-stream media circus continues Celebrating the latest ignorance and cruelty Seas, air and land poisoned by hubris and greed Drones and bombs shredding lives and livelihoods Millions of refugees searching for shelter I feel the earth … Continue reading

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Interstices – The Potent Space between Intentions and Outcomes

Carol A. Hand When a seed, bulb or idea is planted deep beneath the surface, unseen it’s not easy to predict if it will ever blossom Care and patience are essential but they’re not always enough *** *** Engaging in … Continue reading

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In a Single Frame

Carol A. Hand In a single frame Symbols of civilization juxtaposed with nature reaching ever higher for the light yearning to breathe free *** ***

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Night and Day Contrasts – Editing Journal Snippets Week Three

Carol A. Hand Traveling through time and trying to remain grounded brings so many different gifts. Each moment requires focus, revealing a deeper sense of presence. Despite my best efforts to meet arbitrary timelines, the gift of reviewing the past … Continue reading

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Caring Enough to Face Fear

Carol A. Hand   To say I hate driving is not quite true But it’s no longer something I like to do Yet here I am, every other Saturday morning turning onto the entrance ramp in second gear right foot … Continue reading

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Poems from My Editing Journal

Carol A. Hand Editing a 400-page book manuscript is proving to be a rollercoaster ride through topics and emotions. I began keeping a journal to record the journey. It allows me the space I need to process thoughts and feelings … Continue reading

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My Father’s Father

Carol A. Hand My Anglo-American grandfather lived in a goathouse Perhaps it was my father’s father’s way of resisting classism flipping the bird to his gated-community neighbors The descendant of the youngest son of British aristocracy who emigrated to make … Continue reading

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Simple Gifts

Carol A. Hand When my beloved dog Cookie died, my heart was broken. We had weathered many challenges during our eleven years together. She survived many moves from her prairie home – to the northwoods, Rocky Mountains, and different Great … Continue reading

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Somedays, I Wonder What Is True

Carol A. Hand “Love …. For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest … Continue reading

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