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Mainstream Media Circus …

Carol A. Hand Come one, come all! *** Step right up, ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the circus Our main attraction may appear to be the orange clown He will perform astounding feats of buffoonery *** His act is intended … Continue reading

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What’s in a Title?

Carol A. Hand What deeper messages do titles convey? That’s a question that arises as I contemplate a powerful poignant book I just finished reading, Beyond Two Worlds: A Taiwanese-American Adoptee’s Memoir & Search for Identity by Marijane Huang. I … Continue reading

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Celebrating Possibilities

Carol A. Hand Who would believe it’s possible to witness lives transformed in the span of a mere 2 years by working together on a vision of what could be? Skills, knowledge and lasting bonds are built when everyone shows … Continue reading

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“Integrity vs. Despair”

Carol A. Hand The mean(ingless)-stream media circus continues Celebrating the latest ignorance and cruelty Seas, air and land poisoned by hubris and greed Drones and bombs shredding lives and livelihoods Millions of refugees searching for shelter I feel the earth … Continue reading

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Reflections about Being Human

Carol A. Hand Make the most of each moment while you are here Observe life intently with an artist’s eye, listen deeply with a poet’s ear Contemplate life with an empath’s heart, engage life with a compassionate mind Live your … Continue reading

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A Powerful Message from Standing Rock

Carol A. Hand On November 20, 2016, Kendrick Eagle posted a video appeal to President Obama. “You gave me hope…. You said you had our back, and here we are. Help us stop this pipeline. Stick true to your words, … Continue reading

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Standing Rock Update

Carol A. Hand The news from Standing Rock, North Dakota, is alarming. I’m not sure if the link below will take to you to a recent video of escalating police violence, but it greeted me this morning when I visited … Continue reading

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A Request for Action to Support Standing Rock Water Protectors

Carol A. Hand My heart is heavy with the news coming from Standing Rock, ND today. It’s led me to do something I rarely do. I’m posting a request for the help of all of those who follow this blog. … Continue reading

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“Communities of Relatedness” – A Reblog

Originally posted December 17, 2013 Carol A. Hand Sitting on my back doorstep as I greeted yet another snowy morning, I was reflecting on my most recent neighborhood. West Duluth, the working class part of town. The side of town where … Continue reading

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