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October Reflections

Carol A. Hand As I greet the morning facing east the rising sun is momentarily visible between the tree-lined horizon and the bank of clouds moving in Multicolored leaves provide a filter allowing light and shadow to dance highlighting gardens … Continue reading

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September Reflections

Carol A. Hand *** I’m grateful to be standing, here, witnessing autumn’s delight long grass bending with the weight of sparkling dew, a welcome sight the last of the clematis flowers colorfully translucent in the morning, bright on our “pale … Continue reading

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Simply Present

Carol A. Hand Taking moments to simply breathe and observe Another morning shrouded by clouds and mist A drive to work fraught with potentially dangerous obstacles that could easily trigger feelings of anger or fear but choosing instead to marvel … Continue reading

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In The Moment

Carol A. Hand Being in the moment for a moment Simply observing as a busy ladybug climbs a blade of grass I smile as the grass bends to the ground Undeterred, she climbs another When it remains upright she flies … Continue reading

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Reflections about Then and Now

Carol A. Hand Let me take just a moment to put aside the chaos of the world seeping into my soul Remembering a recurring childhood dream soaring above the earth simply watching with compassionate detachment as people went about their … Continue reading

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Carol A. Hand Sometimes I feel like a sprite Invisible And it’s really okay especially among so many strangers riding the city bus today There are times I prefer to be quiet when surrounded by so much loud rambling chatter … Continue reading

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Reflections about Beauty

Carol A. Hand Grateful for sharing a visit to a garden with the dear friend who delighted in each bloom and greeted everyone we met with kindness as we shared a lunch at a local “greasy spoon” *** *** Grateful … Continue reading

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Gratitude for Gardens and Granddaughters

Carol A. Hand Sometimes, one doesn’t have to travel far to observe serenity and beauty with beloved companions Even in the context of critters, city “upgrades,” and unpredictable weather sometimes there are possibilities to create little sanctuaries to enjoy a … Continue reading

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Sitting Still

Carol A. Hand Sitting still watching the waning mid-July moon descending in the western sky as the world turns The wonder of nature still visible despite the old technologies that enable us to connect with others around our ever-spinning home … Continue reading

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Blessed Rain

Carol A. Hand I swear I can feel the tension building among thirsty trees and plants anxiously waiting for life-giving rain to bless their day – at last I breathe a sigh of relief as healing drops finally begin to … Continue reading

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