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Celebrating Possibilities

Carol A. Hand Who would believe it’s possible to witness lives transformed in the span of a mere 2 years by working together on a vision of what could be? Skills, knowledge and lasting bonds are built when everyone shows … Continue reading

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Relationships and Responsibility

Carol A. Hand What happens when people don’t show up or fail to fulfill their obligations to others? Do absences and empty spaces symbolize what’s wrong with the world today? *** *** How can we work toward a shared vision … Continue reading

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Just connections

by Cynthia Renee Donner What if we wondered what was hijacking our emotions, and holding us in tightly wrapped boxes of fear, shame, anger and distrust sealed by corporate satisfaction and greed; as we’re fed from the roots of oppression. … Continue reading

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Greeting the Dawn

Carol A. Hand *** The magic of morning dawning cold and clear peaceful reflections and deep gratitude for life’s priceless blessings here Sending a silent prayer for peaceful mornings everywhere ***

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Crossing Divides

Carol A. Hand   Finding common ground, It’s not as easy as it sounds Just try it once or twice Crossing divides into discomfort and uncertainty Suddenly your attention is heightened Searching intently, listening deeply for clues about how to … Continue reading

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Reflections about Roots and Resistance

Carol A. Hand I want to thank Miriam for her though-provoking reflection about the need for resistance in these times. Her example of the Menominee Tribe’s successful resistance to the policy of tribal termination is inspiring. Her reflection sparked my … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Peace-Makers

Carol A. Hand This morning I awoke early, feeling the urgency to finish writing something I began before going to sleep in the wee hours. It was a rambling incoherent reflection that explained my absence from WordPress this week. There … Continue reading

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“More or Better?” – Revisited and Updated

Carol A. Hand For the past month, my friend, Cynthia Donner, and I have been working on revising a class focused on social justice. It’s been a daunting process to frame and describe the purpose and create new assignments. And … Continue reading

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Strategies for Surviving Frigid Winter Weather

Carol A. Hand I love the fact that I was born on the cusp of two different astrological signs. It gives me two choices every morning. Yes, simple minds are easily entertained. I like today’s options. Aquarians are given the … Continue reading

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Reflections about Creativity and Humility

Carol A. Hand I’m really not a writer, but here is the thing If I put ideas on paper and have the right opportunities I can build programs or teach classes and make those words sing With enough love for … Continue reading

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