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Stewardship Anyway

Carol A. Hand Ageist messages that I’m too old at 70 to do simple chores sometimes makes me hesitant to try But my courageous daughter inspires me and a funny thing happens when I do try anyway     I … Continue reading

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Reflections – Tuesday, October 11, 2016: New Discovery of Historical Places

Carol A. Hand Recently, I looked through the pictures that I have taken since I moved here five years ago. Most are photos of my gardens and house. Some are of my neighborhood, and only very few are shots of … Continue reading

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Reflections – Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Carol A. Hand Ah, summer outdoor chores, you have to love them Mowing the lawn that remains, “Sweating to the Oldies” comes to mind This is really more like the oldy profusely sweating But it’s something I can still do … Continue reading

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It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Carol A. Hand You may call me an idealist You may see me as a fool But I’ll just never understand Why some folks seem to need to be cruel “We’re just following orders” You often hear them say Or … Continue reading

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Reflections for a Friend

Carol A. Hand I was saddened to hear you’ve begun a new journey, dear friend To a distant place that, although common, still has a mysterious end As I watched you struggle to find words, it was my heart that … Continue reading

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I Write Because? – Writing 101

Carol A. Hand Yesterday, before I read the prompt for today’s Writing 101 assignment, I addressed this question. I wanted to reflect before the class began. “As I look at the larger patterns in my life, I realize that it’s … Continue reading

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A Chance Encounter?

Carol A. Hand Looking back, I wonder if our meeting was really a chance encounter. Who would believe that an hour or so with a stranger could open up compelling possibilities for an unimagined future? Even though it’s hard to … Continue reading

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Kindness Matters

Carol A. Hand “Honour the Aged; in honouring them you honour life and wisdom” (Basil Johnston, 1976, p. 93) I remember Clara. I was just a young teenager when we first met. At the time, I lived with my family … Continue reading

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Miracles Won’t Happen If We’re Afraid to Take Risks

Carol A. Hand When I wrote A Birthday Wish about my hopes for the future, I seriously questioned whether sending the list to my Congressional Representative would even matter. I hesitated to send it, and I questioned whether it was … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Importance of Knowing One’s Purpose: Blogging 101

Carol A. Hand “I really HATE that report you’re working on!” Imagine hearing this this every morning as you walk through the door to do your job. Delivered in a strident nasal tone, this was my supervisor’s greeting and her … Continue reading

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