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Signals of Changing Seasons

Carol A. Hand The waxing crescent at sunset signals upcoming changes in seasons alerting me about the need to refocus for so many important reasons – *** *** Thank you all for sharing your visionary art, for enriching my life, … Continue reading

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“More or Better?” – Revisited and Updated

Carol A. Hand For the past month, my friend, Cynthia Donner, and I have been working on revising a class focused on social justice. It’s been a daunting process to frame and describe the purpose and create new assignments. And … Continue reading

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Gratitude – Chi Miigwetch, Dear Friend

Carol A. Hand A gift of bigger yak trax and pecans Gleaned from Birmingham streets Kindness of a beloved friend Warms a winter heart with thoughtful treats *** *** Bringing back memories of treasured times past Shared laughter and tears … Continue reading

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Reflections – Thursday, September 8, 2016

Carol A. Hand You appeared in a morning dream to ask for the energy of healing love, my dear I gave it freely, sensing otherwise an end is near Then I watched as you turned and slowly walked away your … Continue reading

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Reflections for a Friend

Carol A. Hand I was saddened to hear you’ve begun a new journey, dear friend To a distant place that, although common, still has a mysterious end As I watched you struggle to find words, it was my heart that … Continue reading

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Reflections about Soft Hands and Laughter

Carol A. Hand Does one need to know deep suffering and cruelty To learn the importance of being kind? What is the secret of the transformative alchemy? Is it found in one’s heart or one’s mind? Does it come from … Continue reading

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The Pivotal Years of Momentous Change

Carol A. Hand After I posted my last essay, I realized that I forgot to mention my gratitude to a dear friend, Cheryl Bates. She reviewed various drafts of the play (You Wouldn’t Want To Hear My Story) and gave … Continue reading

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Horses and the ABC’s

Carol A. Hand How I wish I had seen the movie, The Horse Whisperer, before I met Amos! Unlike Sara, I didn’t grow up on a farm surrounded by horses and hogs. I didn’t ride until I was in high school … Continue reading

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Ballad of Suicide

Cheryl A. Bates I saved a self-destructive friend, escaped from a predatory friend and regretfully, had to leave a truly kindred “friend” behind. Bruised, battered, and in need of repair, I escaped from the burdens my kindred friend continuously bared. … Continue reading

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“Inch by inch, row by row …”

 Carol A. Hand  Inch by inch, row by row Gonna to make this garden grow … Please bless these seeds I sow Please keep them safe below ‘Til the rain come tumbling down (Pete Seeger) I have been thinking about … Continue reading

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