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Just connections

by Cynthia Renee Donner What if we wondered what was hijacking our emotions, and holding us in tightly wrapped boxes of fear, shame, anger and distrust sealed by corporate satisfaction and greed; as we’re fed from the roots of oppression. … Continue reading

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Crossing Divides

Carol A. Hand   Finding common ground, It’s not as easy as it sounds Just try it once or twice Crossing divides into discomfort and uncertainty Suddenly your attention is heightened Searching intently, listening deeply for clues about how to … Continue reading

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Reflections about Roots and Resistance

Carol A. Hand I want to thank Miriam for her though-provoking reflection about the need for resistance in these times. Her example of the Menominee Tribe’s successful resistance to the policy of tribal termination is inspiring. Her reflection sparked my … Continue reading

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“It’s Not Just What You’re Given”

Carol A. Hand There are those who build walls and gated communities to protect privileges and possessions And there are those who courageously reach out with compassion across borders that divide to ease the suffering of others during desperate times … Continue reading

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A Message from the Weeping Willow

Carol A. Hand Once I was young, a mere sapling in this northern clime nestled comfortably in the embrace of my soul mate Our trunks touching, our roots and branches intertwined We grew wide and tall gracefully trusting in our … Continue reading

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Reflections about Creativity and Humility

Carol A. Hand I’m really not a writer, but here is the thing If I put ideas on paper and have the right opportunities I can build programs or teach classes and make those words sing With enough love for … Continue reading

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Reflections and Blessings on New Year’s Day

Carol A. Hand On this first day many celebrate as a new year, I find myself compelled to speak as honestly as I can. It’s true that my life has not been as easy or privileged as some would imagine. … Continue reading

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In the News – Standing Rock Veterans Heading to Flint

Carol A. Hand Building connections and taking a stand This legacy of Standing Rock brings so much hope People from many nations united to help one embattled community at a time So all have access to sacred water! Chi miigwetch … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Reverence for Standing Rock

By Cynthia Donner (Guest Author) This reflection is written with most humble and sincere appreciation for Standing Rock and the American Indian Nations’ leaders and people who have led so many diverse communities and groups in the struggle to save … Continue reading

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A Message from November Wind

Carol A. Hand The si-si-gwa-d speaks on a drear rainy day warning that the first winter storm is coming our way Dark times ahead will test each spirit I know many others can sense this, and fear it The winds … Continue reading

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