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History Keeps Repeating

Carol A. Hand I wonder how many have experienced being a sensitive child born into a world of chaos and abuse. Perhaps your first memories are similar to the ones described in a post I wrote years ago for a … Continue reading

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Reflections about a life

Carol A. Hand Sometimes, in the fleeting moments of clarity, I’m frightened. I wonder, what is happening to me? I feel like I’m losing my mind as the fog descends A memory surfaces of a life that might have been. … Continue reading

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Reflections – The Legacy of Continuing Loss…

Carol A. Hand A child kidnapped from the village road – lured by strangers with the promise of a new adventure – a ride in an automobile, a luxury rarely seen here. He awoke hours later in a foreign place … Continue reading

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Carol A. Hand In my last university faculty position, I taught an undergraduate practice class – interviewing lab. As one of the few faculty who was not an expert in clinical practice, I found it a rather odd assignment. And … Continue reading

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Carol A. Hand This morning, it occurred to me that it might be helpful if I provided some background for my previous reblog, Go FISH! In designing a critical ethnographic study of Ojibwe child welfare, I gave some thought to … Continue reading

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Choosing Hope Isn’t Always Easy

Carol A. Hand There are days when revisiting old stories gathered during my research on Ojibwe child welfare makes me feel like I’m descending into a dystopian world. Sometimes the feeling is intensified when I look out of my front … Continue reading

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Social Sciences Research: To Count or To Listen?

Carol A. Hand Once upon a time, I would sit all day running statistical analyses. These were among my least favorite jobs. Crosstabs, T-Tests, ANOVAs, and occasionally, Chi-Square Tests. One didn’t really need to understand why these statistical procedures were … Continue reading

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Possibilities for Building Connections

Carol A. Hand Many of the stories I was privileged to hear during my research years ago left me feeling sad. Not all of them were stories about children who were taken away from their families and community and placed … Continue reading

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No One Ever Asked …

Carol A. Hand All the child welfare system could do Was take a mother’s children away No one ever asked why she always had tears in her eyes Although her daughter cried for her beautiful mother No one ever asked … Continue reading

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Still Writing despite Questions and Doubts

Carol A. Hand The national writing event ended November 30, 2015, but I’ve continued to write almost every day. It’s a relief not to feel pressured to make an overall word count. Instead, I can try to make those words … Continue reading

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