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Reflections about Being a Parent and Grandparent

Carol A. Hand When my daughter was born, my view of the world forever changed. “To have a child is to decide to have your heart forever walk around outside your body.” (anonymous) Life was no longer something I peered … Continue reading

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Contemplating Impermanence

Carol A. Hand *** Awakening to bird song just before sunrise Heart touched with a mixture of deep awe and sorrow Aware of the impermanence of life and beauty Wondering how many song birds will survive ‘til tomorrow In a … Continue reading

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“Be Here Now”

Carol A. Hand *** Let me be fully present here, in this moment Focusing on opportunities to send out love and healing Not frozen in yesterday’s hurts and disappointments Not constrained by the bleakness of the surrounding landscape Not controlled … Continue reading

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Morning Sunrise March 4, 2017

Carol A. Hand Life goes on despite sudden loss The sun still rises gloriously Responsibilities remain needing to be met graciously *** ***  

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Carol A. Hand The love of my youth is dying On earth, this lifetime, we’ll not meet again A long life is sometimes a blessing but surviving dear friends brings such pain Truly gentle men are so rare to find … Continue reading

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Simple Gifts

Carol A. Hand When my beloved dog Cookie died, my heart was broken. We had weathered many challenges during our eleven years together. She survived many moves from her prairie home – to the northwoods, Rocky Mountains, and different Great … Continue reading

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January Post-Election Reflections

Carol A. Hand The brightest star in the darkening sky on crisp and clear winter evenings sometimes above the welcoming curve of the crescent moon Ah Venus, shine your enduring love On a world in need of your reflected light … Continue reading

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A Message from the Weeping Willow

Carol A. Hand Once I was young, a mere sapling in this northern clime nestled comfortably in the embrace of my soul mate Our trunks touching, our roots and branches intertwined We grew wide and tall gracefully trusting in our … Continue reading

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The Power of Music

Carol A. Hand Do you ever awaken from a dream where you’re singing a song? That’s what happened to me this morning. It was a song that I see as a little silly in the context of what’s going on … Continue reading

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January Born

Carol A. Hand On your eighteenth birthday, dear grandson, you’re in my thoughts It’s a time to celebrate that miracle you are not a time for dos and don’ts, shoulds and oughts I just want you to know that you’ll … Continue reading

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