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Simply Present

Carol A. Hand Taking moments to simply breathe and observe Another morning shrouded by clouds and mist A drive to work fraught with potentially dangerous obstacles that could easily trigger feelings of anger or fear but choosing instead to marvel … Continue reading

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History Keeps Repeating

Carol A. Hand I wonder how many have experienced being a sensitive child born into a world of chaos and abuse. Perhaps your first memories are similar to the ones described in a post I wrote years ago for a … Continue reading

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Editing Journal Week Five

Carol A. Hand Tuesday, March 14, 2017 The days I work on my manuscript feel sacred to me. It’s why I can’t do anything but manuscript work for dedicated blocks of time. And that’s why I don’t force myself to … Continue reading

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Carol A. Hand The love of my youth is dying On earth, this lifetime, we’ll not meet again A long life is sometimes a blessing but surviving dear friends brings such pain Truly gentle men are so rare to find … Continue reading

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Reflections about Roots and Resistance

Carol A. Hand I want to thank Miriam for her though-provoking reflection about the need for resistance in these times. Her example of the Menominee Tribe’s successful resistance to the policy of tribal termination is inspiring. Her reflection sparked my … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Reverence for Standing Rock

By Cynthia Donner (Guest Author) This reflection is written with most humble and sincere appreciation for Standing Rock and the American Indian Nations’ leaders and people who have led so many diverse communities and groups in the struggle to save … Continue reading

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Morning Reflections November 20 2016

Carol A. Hand Moments of beauty as I rise Clouds painted rosy by the rising sun Bare branches golden, glowing against dark western skies Earth blanketed by sparkling rainbowed snow No treasures are greater than these simple gifts They touch … Continue reading

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The First November Snow

Carol A. Hand Sometimes, I just feel an irrepressible urge to be silly. It seems as though we are all so weighed down by troubling events in the world right now. After posting a serious poem this morning, I looked … Continue reading

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The Problem with Paradigms – Day One

Carol A. Hand I would like to begin by thanking Rosaliene Bacchus for nominating me to participate in a challenge: “Three Quotes for Three Days.” Rosaliene, who can be found at Three Worlds One Vision, has a fascinating background. She … Continue reading

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Making Peace with Lessons of the Past

Carol A. Hand I stand here before you to present hard-won knowledge to qualify for entry into your elite club in academia Many may judge me as an Affirmative Action token who’s not a “real Indian” because I’m light-skinned like … Continue reading

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