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Contemplating Impermanence

Carol A. Hand *** Awakening to bird song just before sunrise Heart touched with a mixture of deep awe and sorrow Aware of the impermanence of life and beauty Wondering how many song birds will survive ‘til tomorrow In a … Continue reading

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Snapshot of an April Evening

Carol A. Hand *** Clouds briefly parting on the rainy night allowing Grandmother Moon momentarily to reveal her light ship horns trumpeting from the nearby bay pulsating winds humming as budding branches sway ***

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“Integrity vs. Despair”

Carol A. Hand The mean(ingless)-stream media circus continues Celebrating the latest ignorance and cruelty Seas, air and land poisoned by hubris and greed Drones and bombs shredding lives and livelihoods Millions of refugees searching for shelter I feel the earth … Continue reading

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Interstices – The Potent Space between Intentions and Outcomes

Carol A. Hand When a seed, bulb or idea is planted deep beneath the surface, unseen it’s not easy to predict if it will ever blossom Care and patience are essential but they’re not always enough *** *** Engaging in … Continue reading

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In a Single Frame

Carol A. Hand In a single frame Symbols of civilization juxtaposed with nature reaching ever higher for the light yearning to breathe free *** ***

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Grandmother Moon

Carol A. Hand Grandmother Moon reflecting light for a sometimes dark and weary world where children hunger and die before their time to feed the greed of would-be kings and queens Remind us with your patient presence of wonders we … Continue reading

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Night and Day Contrasts – Editing Journal Snippets Week Three

Carol A. Hand Traveling through time and trying to remain grounded brings so many different gifts. Each moment requires focus, revealing a deeper sense of presence. Despite my best efforts to meet arbitrary timelines, the gift of reviewing the past … Continue reading

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A Peaceful Morning

Carol A. Hand A morning greeting before I return to my editing schedule… *** A Peaceful Morning “Wha’ ch’ya doin’?” “Watchin’ it snow observin’ the morning don’ ch’ya know?” *** Sending blessings to all from the North Country on this … Continue reading

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Carol A. Hand *** This is just my latest form though few will stop to wonder what I am and where I’ve been before my molecules disperse asunder Yesterday a cloud, then snow melting beneath the warming sun forming with … Continue reading

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Ever Shifting Landscapes

Carol A. Hand *** Each day brings new landscapes and opportunities for reflection The grey days and snow of late February, for some, evoke a sense of gloom While for others, the blanketed earth symbolizes sustenance and protection for the … Continue reading

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