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Hope-full Reflections

Carol A. Hand Is hope fading with every wearing or seeping inside concealed as deeper caring? A question to ponder on laundry day dressed in my secondhand clothes *** Advertisements

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Carol A. Hand Seven years ago, my mother passed away in the early morning. She was 89. During the last 13 years of her life, she gradually lost her memories and her abilities to care for herself and communicate. I … Continue reading

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October Reflections

Carol A. Hand As I greet the morning facing east the rising sun is momentarily visible between the tree-lined horizon and the bank of clouds moving in Multicolored leaves provide a filter allowing light and shadow to dance highlighting gardens … Continue reading

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September Reflections

Carol A. Hand *** I’m grateful to be standing, here, witnessing autumn’s delight long grass bending with the weight of sparkling dew, a welcome sight the last of the clematis flowers colorfully translucent in the morning, bright on our “pale … Continue reading

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Simply Present

Carol A. Hand Taking moments to simply breathe and observe Another morning shrouded by clouds and mist A drive to work fraught with potentially dangerous obstacles that could easily trigger feelings of anger or fear but choosing instead to marvel … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Circus …

Carol A. Hand Come one, come all! *** Step right up, ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the circus Our main attraction may appear to be the orange clown He will perform astounding feats of buffoonery *** His act is intended … Continue reading

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In The Moment

Carol A. Hand Being in the moment for a moment Simply observing as a busy ladybug climbs a blade of grass I smile as the grass bends to the ground Undeterred, she climbs another When it remains upright she flies … Continue reading

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A Daytime Visitor

Carol A. Hand Imagine, for a moment, what it’s like to be born to a life where one is prejudged and regarded with fear or with scorn I don’t smell like a flower but I do have a scent to … Continue reading

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Reflections about Then and Now

Carol A. Hand Let me take just a moment to put aside the chaos of the world seeping into my soul Remembering a recurring childhood dream soaring above the earth simply watching with compassionate detachment as people went about their … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots

Carol A. Hand Does it matter whether or not we view changing global weather as natural or human caused? Perhaps. While some cheer on Armageddon others live with the illusion that perhaps our homes will soon be safe if human … Continue reading

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