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White Pony Reflections

Carol A. Hand Fall is really here. It was time to take my little “White Pony” in for a check-up and oil-change today. Yes, my 11-year old car has a name thanks to my granddaughter and an Ojibwe friend I … Continue reading

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A Daytime Visitor

Carol A. Hand Imagine, for a moment, what it’s like to be born to a life where one is prejudged and regarded with fear or with scorn I don’t smell like a flower but I do have a scent to … Continue reading

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Carol A. Hand Sometimes I feel like a sprite Invisible And it’s really okay especially among so many strangers riding the city bus today There are times I prefer to be quiet when surrounded by so much loud rambling chatter … Continue reading

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What’s in a Title?

Carol A. Hand What deeper messages do titles convey? That’s a question that arises as I contemplate a powerful poignant book I just finished reading, Beyond Two Worlds: A Taiwanese-American Adoptee’s Memoir & Search for Identity by Marijane Huang. I … Continue reading

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Just connections

by Cynthia Renee Donner What if we wondered what was hijacking our emotions, and holding us in tightly wrapped boxes of fear, shame, anger and distrust sealed by corporate satisfaction and greed; as we’re fed from the roots of oppression. … Continue reading

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A Matter of Perspective

Carol A. Hand A gift in the morning worth pondering…   “Our planet is a lonely spark in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity – in all this vastness – there is no hint that help will come … Continue reading

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My Father’s Father

Carol A. Hand My Anglo-American grandfather lived in a goathouse Perhaps it was my father’s father’s way of resisting classism flipping the bird to his gated-community neighbors The descendant of the youngest son of British aristocracy who emigrated to make … Continue reading

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Crossing Divides

Carol A. Hand   Finding common ground, It’s not as easy as it sounds Just try it once or twice Crossing divides into discomfort and uncertainty Suddenly your attention is heightened Searching intently, listening deeply for clues about how to … Continue reading

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Reflections about Roots and Resistance

Carol A. Hand I want to thank Miriam for her though-provoking reflection about the need for resistance in these times. Her example of the Menominee Tribe’s successful resistance to the policy of tribal termination is inspiring. Her reflection sparked my … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Peace-Makers

Carol A. Hand This morning I awoke early, feeling the urgency to finish writing something I began before going to sleep in the wee hours. It was a rambling incoherent reflection that explained my absence from WordPress this week. There … Continue reading

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